Monday, January 10, 2011


Oh, my mum very the busy.  On my birthday celebrate only at home with some secret recipe cake.  My grandmother and makcik kin also here in my house.  We celebrate at night.  On the next day, Opah back to home town.

I think it is not too late to wish "Happy New Year 2011".  Hope it will be the best year.  I have a big change because my mom not sent me to that Usahawan nursery anymore. Starting this year I live in a new nursery nearby my mom office also. 

About 1 week, I ate 'bubur nasi' everyday.  That  nursery no more give me as usual, a 'Nestum sayur'.  I ate a lot, told by the nursery staff.  I also got one green book named "SMS BOOK" for my mom and the nursery staff to check on me or anything that need to say.

Until late night last night my mom did my pillow case and comforter for me TRANSFORMER pattern, pink color.  The mattress cover and pillow cases has been sent to nursery today.  Only comforter at home, pink and flower pattern.

It is beautiful.  I love it. Thanks mom!!!

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